House rules

We would very much appreciate it if you would leave the facilities tidy after your visit. By doing so, everyone can make use of a clean and pleasant motorhome site.

  1. Each motorhome parking space has a 6-amp power point. If you want to use an extra power point, please apply for an extra parking space.
  2. Please park your camper with its front towards the path. By doing so, every guest has more than enough privacy as well as space to set up his awning.
  3. The motorhome site is meant for campers with a maximum length of 8.5 metres.
  4. In order to preserve the grass, please do not park your camper on the lawn.
  5. We request that you tidy up your furniture when leaving the motorhome site, so that we can mow the grass.
  6. Please keep the surroundings clean and do not dispose your waste or toilet cassette in the environment.
  7. Please walk your dog outside the motorhome site and clean up the dog waste.
  8. We request that you keep your dog on a leash on the motorhome site at all times.
  9. We ask you to be considerate of the other guests by not causing any (noise) nuisance.
  10. In order to preserve the grass, please do not place (plastic) tarpaulin or mats on the lawn.
  11. Please do not wash your camper on the motorhome site.
  12. We ask you to park your car outside the motorhome site (unless you apply for an extra parking space). You can park it n the Melkstraatje at 100 metres away.

For any complaints or remarks, please send an e-mail to

We wish you a pleasant stay at the Maaskemp!